Things You Need to Remember When Choosing Your Recruitment Partner

For HR professionals, having a trusted partner in recruitment can immensely help their job. With an excellent recruitment agency on their side, they will have less problems scouting candidates and they can ensure that the candidates they will get are of high standards in terms of skills and attitude.

But picking the right recruitment partner is not that easy. HR Managers and professionals should be very cautious on selecting the right one as it can also reflect on their performance, whether you are looking for a short term job agency or an executive recruitment firm, you need to know what to look for:

  1. Generalist and/or specialist

Before you go and search for a recruitment company in Abu Dhabi, you need first determine what kind of recruitment company you are looking for. There two kinds – a generalist and a specialist. A generalist recruitment company provides an array of candidates for different positions regardless of the industry. On the contrary, the specialist focuses more specific industries and job levels. So check your recruitment needs and analyze your vacancies. But just to be safe, you can look for both just in case.


  1. The recruitment and screening process

This is the most important part of the search. Once you have a number of prospects, you need to check how they are conducting the screening. A recruitment agency should have a rigid screening process to ensure that the candidates that they are sending to their clients match what the client is looking for. The screening process should include in-depth skills tests, background checks, and work ethics and attitude of the candidate. As much as possible, the firm should conduct a 360 check on prospective candidates before sending their profiles to clients. Ask your prospective recruitment firm on their screening process.


  1. The legality of the business

There are a lot of shady and illegal firms that cons companies and HR by providing low quality hires. Mostly, these companies don’t have much experience when it comes to running a recruitment firm. Be wary of this. Before entering into any agreement, check the legal papers and documents and be sure they follow the regulations set by the governing agencies.


  1. The rates and packages

HR Managers are working on a certain budget and they would have to divide it to other projects. If you have a certain budget allotted for recruitment firms, ask them if they can work on that and what are the inclusions.