5 Must Have Accessories for Men to Move in Panache

The wardrobe of a gentleman reflects his work ethics and is nothing less than a work of art. The contents of a gentleman’s wardrobe make real men stand out from the rest. However, building the right wardrobe is a tough nut to crack and may never come easily to most men who are not inherent shoppers. Once you have gathered all the right paraphernalia, we believe that building your wardrobe is a piece of cake. Here are a few men’s accessories in Dubai which are a must-buy if you want to add flair to your personality:

  • Watch

For most men, a watch is the only hand accessory they deem important and worth investing in and it does help to turn it in to an exceptional timepiece. It’s better to have a classic, luxuriously expensive one than a drawer full of grungy timepieces that make the wearer look anything but sophisticated. It’s a sad piece of work when a great looking outfit is sabotaged by an unsavory hand piece.

  • Tie

A gentleman can never have too many ties. However, it’s good to avoid gaudy and shoddy looking ties as they make you look worn-out and cheap, even when you pair them with high-end expensive suits (we simply shudder at the travesty!). While it’s prudent to stay within your budget, you should never settle for an awful material.

  • Wallet

A plethora of men go for years without cleaning out their wallets or obtaining a suitable replacement. Your Wallet stores hard earned money, cards, and all your identification documents, so it only makes sense that you invest in high quality wallets to reflect your status.

  • Belt

Just like a top-notch pair of shoes, a high quality leather belt can last a pretty long period. If you want to stand out in the crowd, we suggest going for chocolate brown and black, as these colors really make a difference to your ensemble. In addition, these colors pretty much go along with most of your suits.

  • Leather Bracelets

To people who say that “bracelets are just for chicks”, a leather bracelet answers with a daring question, “are you even man enough to sport them”! A manly, rich brown piece of leather around your wrist is an epitome of refined masculinity. Not to mention, leather is a great way to let your inner rebel come out freely without going overboard. Men’s leather bracelets in Dubai are becoming quite a rage these days so you should stock up before you start feeling left out.