Significant Signs That You Need To Move Your Kid To Another School

Enrolling our kids to the best schools is always a top priority. However, there are instances that we might pick the wrong one for our kid. But it is not too late to remedy this type of problems. You can always find a better school that would cater to your child’s education and well-being.

Watch out for these signs and check if you need to move your kid to a new school.


  • He is not doing well in school

Every child is unique and has their own learning curve to follow. However if you see slow to zero progress on your child’s learning despite your efforts to teach him or tutor him after a month or two, then it might be wise to move him to a different educational institution. This situation might be contributed to the teaching style being implemented by the school which might not be the best fit for your child. But before you look for potential schools in Mirdif, have your child go through an assessment to know what teaching method would be effective for your kid.


  • He is not enthusiastic about school

All kids always loves the weekend. But if these pronouncements happen to often then there must be something wrong. Talk to your kid and ask him about school. Most probably, your kid will not give you a straight answer so work your way to have him confess. It is something that can be easily resolved then stick with the school for the meantime. But if the problem is something beyond resolution, then transferring would be a good idea.


  • He is being bullied

A lot of kids suffer from bullying but oftentimes this would go unnoticed. Watch out for the signs and report any proven bullying attacks on your kid. The best primary school in Dubai doesn’t tolerate this kind of repulsive behavior. If the school ignores your reports regarding this matter, it would be best to transfer to a new school to give your kid peace of mind and let him have a fresh start on a new school.


  • He feels tired and sickly

If your kid is often sick coming from school, investigate thoroughly. The school environment might not be suitable for your kid’s welfare. Check with your doctors what the cause is and ask the school officials if there are health hazards in the school area that needs to be fixed. And if despite the treatment and thorough inspection on the school vicinity, then it might be best to look for a new school for your kid.


  • He doesn’t feel safe in the vicinity

Kids will always be kids. They run, move, jump and would often get bruises and scratches. But if these happen too often, you might need to check the school’s safety guidelines. Be sure that every corner is child-proofed to prevent further incidents. Should this issue not be resolved, look for a new school for your kids.