Some undiscussed benefits of green tea

You must have heard from people and seen on TV ads just how popular green tea Dubai is and how many people like to consume it each day. That’s nothing unusual and you will see the stocks of green tea depleting from the shelves rather quickly. But, is that all there is to the green tea and nothing else? To the contrary, green tea also has a number of different forms and should be dealt with respect. It has been around for centuries which is why you need to give it some room in your life too. After all, what could be the reason for the ancients to consume it in such big numbers? There must be something unique about it that had made it such a tremendous success? Well, it does, and the benefits of drinking the green tea are so many that they cannot be discussed here in details. All one can say with surety is that this type of tea is light, healthy and tasty. Most forms of tea are tasty so there is nothing new here but as far as being light, some types are considered a little heavy for kidneys if consumed multiple times in a day. However, you need to consume more than water you drink each day to have some type of impact on your body. That’s not possible and you may not find a person who would be willing to drink tea more than water each day.


Contrary to what many people believe, the health benefits of green tea are too many to be shared here. Some of the benefits include taste, the ability to reduce body fat and carbs to some extent but for that to happen the tea must be consumed without sugar or starch. That’s something difficult but not impossible. You will see countless examples near you who had shed weight contrary to all the claims that tea cannot do that for obese people. Guess what, many forms of green tea, including transparent light brown tea, Fukamushi, Gyokoru, Matcha, Tencha etc. will help your body become healthier in the longer run and they don’t taste half bad either.

Drink frequently

Contrary to what many claim, more tea you drink, the better your health will become. In fact, there will come a time when drinking different types of green tea will come to you as a habit each day. It will only help you become fitter and smarter for you must not switch habits once you become one.  Find out here more details about why different forms of green tea matter so much to your health.