Things That You Need To Prepare When Applying For A Dubai Visa

Dubai is a great place to visit. The place is a mecca for a lot of things – from breathtaking architectural wonders to stunning cultural heritage sites. Not to mention the amazing shopping malls with all the famous brands and franchises.

But the Dubai Emirates require their foreign visitors to apply for a visa before they are allowed to travel to this wonderful city. Whether it is a Dubai visa change to a 14 days visit visa, be sure to get these documents in order when applying for a Dubai visa:

  • Passport copy of the applicant

This is definitely the most important document that you need to prepare. Be sure to have your latest passport with you when you are applying for a transit visa in Dubai. Ideally, your passport should be at least six months of validity, from the day of your application. Expired passports or the ones nearing its expiration is unlikely to get approved. It would be best to renew your passport if you have an upcoming trip overseas.

  • Passport-sized coloured photo

All embassies require visa applicants to provide them their latest photo for their filing. The standard specs or requirement for photos are passport-sized, colored, in white background. But it would be best to know the exact specs for the photo, instead of second guessing. There are some embassies who have specific requirements for visa applicant’s passport photo. You can ask your trusted travel agency or do a quick search over the net.

  • Guarantor’s document

The Emirates of Dubai require some visa applicants to provide a guarantor to get their applications approved. Usually, this requirement is a must for visa applicants who will be staying in the city for a longer duration (30 – 90 days stay). If you are planning to stay long in Dubai, it would be best to look for a UAE resident that would serve as your guarantor. Once you find one, ask for the copy of their latest passport and resident visa copy. Other proofs of identity from the guarantor would also help.

  • Copy of flight booking and hotel reservation

This requirement is a must of applicants of transit visa. The reason behind this requirement is due to the nature of the transit visa. This type of visa only allows visitors at least 96 hours to stay in Dubai before the visa will be invalid. The copy of flight booking would serve as reference of their short-term stay in the city.