A Clueless Girl’s Guide To Buying Hair Extensions

Having a full and thick hair is an asset. A thick and full of volume hair is easier to style. Unfortunately, not all people are born with such qualities. To remedy the situation, people with thinning hair resort to artificial and synthetic hair to add volume to their locks, like wigs and extension.

One problem though is that some hair extension look very unnatural that people. To prevent buying the wrong one, here are some pointers that you can follow:

  • Decide on which type of extension you prefer


Hair extensions come in two types: human hair and synthetic hair. As the name suggests, a human hair is made from locks of individuals who willingly donate their mane to companies to use as extension and wig. These hairs are collected and maintained to ensure that they will be viable for commercial selling. Synthetic hair, on the other hand, is made of artificial materials. Human hair is a lot more expensive than synthetic due to the maintenance and handling. Decide which of the two you prefer when you buy hair extensions online in Dubai. If it is for temporary use, the synthetic one would be the economical choice. But if you are planning on using the extensions for a longer period, the natural hair is a worthy investment.

  • Be sure the color will match your hair’s natural color


One of the reasons why people can easily tell whether a person is wearing an extension or not is because of the difference in color. Be sure to check the color of the hair extensions and if it matches your natural hair color. If you are planning to use it as highlights, you may choose shades that are a tone lighter or darker than your hair color. If you will choose shades too far from your hair tone, it would look unnatural and fake.


  • Check out the length of the extensions


One of the mistakes that most hair extension buyers commit is not being mindful of the length. Upon first look, the hair extensions may look long for your hair and you might need to cut some of it off. But you also need to consider where you are going to clip the extensions. If you are going to clip it at the top of your head, you might be needing a longer one. Measure the length of your hair first and see if the store has the hair extensions that you need in terms of length.


  • Be critical of the styling


Hair extensions come with different styles – from straight to the curly mane. If you will be choosing a hair extension for styling and additional volume, the best choice would be a straight hair extension that your stylist can style and manipulate. But if you are looking for some quick clip ons, you can choose a style that is nearest to your hair features.

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