What you can bring in your classrooms

There is need to have library resources for schools because A, B and C is not enough to groom them and turn kids into efficient workers and leaders who can run this world in future. Do you want to know that what do you need to teach and bring in this classrooms? 

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  1. Gadgets: It is stupidity to hate gadgets and technology because now they are part of our lives and this world; therefore, it is better to use them and update classrooms. Use them wisely. Ask students to download different applications and videos in their phones and learn the basic concepts of science and mathematics. This will give them ground to learn by themselves and make them able to understand basic concepts easily. Besides this, you can be connected with them on Google Classrooms and WhatsApp to keep the process of learning going on. In this way, learning will be fun and easy.
  2. Discussions: Try to discuss topics with you students. In this way they will learn more because students and children love to talk. They love to express their opinions and views. By giving them ground to speak will improve their knowledge but also build their confidence and speech skills which are important to have to survive and live in this world happily. However, at many times, thy can be wrong, so correct them at the same spot and improve their mistake. Similarly, if they are asking, so answer their question. If you don’t know the answer, so don’t get insecure, tell them that you don’t know and ask them that if you can answer later. This will make the class informal and informal classes give expanded ground to learning.
  3. Practicality: Try to teach them via practicality. Teach them maths by asking them to collect donations or play cricket. In this way they will learn multiplication and addition faster. You can even give them task to paint their classroom to learn chemical reactions and mixture. These activities will make them active and engage them in class. Besides this, they will learn to cooperate and start giving importance and tolerate each other. These activities will promote teamwork.

So, these are few activities and things which are required to be introduced in class because the world is changing and our needs our changing.  And now we need something else for which we need to groom our kids so that they can be able to control the pace of this world when will be grown up.